Mag. Ernst - Alexander Maier (1947 - 2001)

In memory of Mag. Ernst - Alexander Maier (1947 - 2001)

Ernst Alexander Maier became one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Austria at a young age.

He took over EMCO Maier in 1978 after the death of his father and company founder. Under his leadership, the company developed into a world-renowned machine tool manufacturer known far beyond its borders. Ernst Alexander Maier's extraordinary visionary power, his curiosity, willingness and courage to break new ground radiated on his employees and his environment just as much as his humanity and the concern and responsibility he lived for all people, the region and the environment.

Openness to new things, a keen interest in art and culture in all its forms, and rejection of any kind of violence, extremism and soulless greed for profit are values that must be upheld at all times - especially now and in the future.

The Ernst Alexander Maier - Memorial Fund was presented for the first time at a concert in Hallein on June 17, 2004, and has set itself the goal of preserving the memory of this extraordinary person, who died much too early, and to let his spirit live on by supporting young, aspiring

Activities of the fund (excerpt)